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Dubna, September 15 - 22,  2013 

The International Workshop and School “Black and Dark Topics in Modern Cosmology and Astrophysics” will take place from 15.09.2013-22.09.2013 in Dubna International University, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia. The event is organized by Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Dubna International University and Laboratory of Radiation Biology (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) and Italian Embassy in Moscow .

Advisory Committee:
M. Capaccioli (University of Napoli Federico II, Italy)
A. Cherepaschuk (SAI MSU, Russia)
P. Fre (Scientific Attache of Italy in Russia)
V. Frolov (University of Alberta, Canada)
E. Krasavin (JINR, Russia)
I. Novikov (IKI RAS, Russia)
V. Rubakov (INR RAS, Russia)

Organizing Committee:
M. Sazhin, chairman (SAI MSU)
S. Alexeyev (SAI MSU)
D. Fursaev (DIU)
V. Zharov (SAI MSU)

Local Organizing Committee:
D. Fursaev, chairman of LOC (DIU)
A. Denikin (DIU)
I. Kuvshinova (DIU)
A. Kirillov (DIU)
I. Pirozhenko (JINR/DIU)
A. Patrushev (JINR)
K. Rannu (SAI MSU)
O. Sazhina, scientific secretary (SAI MSU)

- Dark Matter and Dark Energy problems: Observations and Theory
- Black Holes: Fundamental Problems in Astrophysics and Quantum Gravity
- Theory and Modern Experimental Methods: Astrometry, Astrobiology
- Astrophysics: Cosmic Strings and Topological Defects (Theory and observational data)

The international workshop and school “Black and Dark Topics in Modern Cosmology and Astrophysics” will be devoted to modern trends in cosmology and astrophysics. The concept is to bring together specialists in observational cosmology / astrophysics and theoretical physicists for exchanging ideas on selected hot topics. The other objective is to have among the participants a considerable fraction of PhD and graduate students who start their specialization in this research area. The approximate number of participants is expected to be 50.

Support of young researchers:
The Organizing Committee especially encourages young scientists and students from the universities of the Russian Federation to participate in the workshop. The Committee is expecting some money from State and Private Funds to support young scientists to cover accommodation of the young participants.

We expect most of talks to be delivered before the afternoon, the rest time is reserved for roundtable discussions and student talks. The list of talks and the program are in preparation.
The organization fee is 500 rubles. The excursions and other activities are paid separately.

Application Form
Please download the application form here.

The deadline
The application forms should be sent to the Organizing committee before
July 15, 2013.  Application forms should be sent to Dr. Olga Sazhina (Secretary of the Local Organizing committee), e-mail: cosmo2013@uni-dubna.ru

The cultural program and activities:
One day will be reserved for an excursion to Sergiev Posad (the Center of the Russian Orthodox Church). Organizing Committee is planning a banquet (either on a boat trip or as a barbeque on a bank of the Volga river). The university campus suggests a gym with water pool, tennis courts, sauna and etc.

A limited number of participants will be accommodated in a comfortable Dubna University Guesthouse located in a country-like area of the university campus near a pond. It offers single and double rooms, TV, WiFi, sauna, a kitchen and etc. (See the rooms of the Guesthouse here.) The room price is 1000 rubles (about 20 Euro) per night. Other participants will be accommodated at University hostels, the price is 350 rubles per night.

The Organizing Committee will order a transfer from Moscow airports to Dubna for participants who arrive to Russian Federation from other countries or from other cities. The participants have to pay for the transfer separately. A typical price for the transfer is 2000 rubles one end. There is a bus and train transportation from Moscow to Dubna from Savelovsky railway station (see the timetable here).

There are bars and restaurants in the university area including canteens at the campus. It takes 10-15 minutes by bus to go from the university campus to the Dubna city and visit restaurants, pizzerias and etc there.

About Dubna city and Dubna University see the information here from the university website.

See the campus map

DUBNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 2013 /  cosmo2013@uni-dubna.ru